12 Outdoor Adventures in the Hudson Valley

Like many wanderers, I’ve been temporarily grounded from distant adventures, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fantastic destinations close to home!

My current home is in New York. No, not New York City. I’m from the Hudson Valley. Only a short drive north of the city, the Hudson Valley is a highly-trafficked tourist destination for good reason. It has rich culture with local stories and historic sites as well as lush countryside. From the Hudson Highlands to the legend-filled Catskill Mountains, the Hudson Valley has it all.

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History Is Sexy

Back in April, I was laying in bed when an idea struck. I had been watching the series Outlander for a week and I felt incredibly inspired. Despite its adult themes, the series made me feel like a child again, in the sense that it stimulated my imagination beyond control. Ideas ran rampant in my head. Then, as I was yawning, ready to close my eyes and sleep, all of those ideas collided in a beautiful, big-bang kind of moment.

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